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Free Index of Oregon Midwives Online

Learn More about Birth Choices in Oregon

Free Online Database of Oregon Midwives
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A community sharing information on Oregon midwives, homebirth, and birth centers.
This is a work in progress. The ultimate goal is to list every midwife working in the state of Oregon and let you see her education, work experience, performance record, media links, and more. This will help Oregon women interested in birth alternatives find the best midwife to suit her needs. Tags will be used to organize the community so it is easier to search by location, type of midwife, and other factors.

If you have an addition or correction for a midwife and/or her tags, please leave a comment on the post with her info. Comment screening is turned on by default, so you can leave information without being identified if you prefer. If you want to share your experience with a midwife, likewise. If you know of a midwife we have not yet added to the database, comment on the most recent post with as much as you know of the following information:

Area where she sees clients
Website for her practice
Whether she is licensed or unlicensed, and what kind of license she holds.
Where she went to midwifery school.
Whether she does homebirth, hospital birth, birth center, or all of the above.

It's fine to promote your own practice. We are interested in having a complete directory so women looking for a midwife can easily find what they are after!

How to Use this Site if you are Searching for a Midwife

If you want to look up information on a specific midwife by name, scroll down the tags column on the main page and find her by last name, first. If you are seeking a specific type of midwife you can click on the tags for those types and browse down the list.

Licensed Midwives shows all midwives practicing in Oregon who are licensed by an Oregon board--naturopathic board, nursing board, or board of direct entry midwifery.

Unlicensed Midwives shows midwives practicing in Oregon now or in the recent past who do not have a valid license from any of the Oregon boards. They are not legally permitted to carry oxygen or other life-saving drugs. They are not allowed to carry materials for suturing tears. There is no guarantee as to how much education or experience they may have. Anyone can legally call him or herself a midwife in Oregon, so long as they do not claim to be licensed. If an unlicensed midwife fails to perform her duties to you or hurts you and/or your baby, you have no recourse for filing a complaint, as there is no oversight for unlicensed midwives. They work in homebirth or birth center settings only.

Direct Entry Midwives shows Oregon midwives currently holding a valid license through the board of direct entry midwifery, which is overseen by OHLA (the same agency that oversees body piercers and cosmetologists). The process direct entry midwives must go through to get a license in Oregon is described on this site. A midwife can be licensed in Oregon by the BDEM/OHLA without having any post-high school education. "Self study" and correspondence school are accepted. On the other hand, some midwives in Oregon have completed a more intensive course of study like the one offered by Bastyr College in Washington. When a midwife's educational background is known, it has been added as a tag. They work in homebirth or birth center settings only.

Naturopathic midwives are overseen by the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners. Naturopaths typically take premedical or science courses as an undergraduate, and then must complete a four year program like this one from NCNM in Portland before sitting for an exam and becoming licensed. They work in homebirth or birth center settings only.

Nurse midwives can attend birth at home, in a hospital, or in a birth center. Nurse midwives or CNMs have completed an undergraduate degree in science or nursing and then an additional master's level program specifically about midwifery. They must have at least a couple years of experience working in labor and delivery before admittance to the master's program, typically. CNMs can prescribe antibiotics and other medications, can provide birth control pills and IUDs and well-woman care, and often have admitting privileges at a local hospital, allowing for an easier transfer experience should it be needed in your homebirth.

In addition, efforts have been made to tag each midwife with the location she serves, so you can search by location.

Where do we get the information on this site?

The information here is aggregated from many sources. Quite a lot came from the site Oregon Midwife Info. While we make every effort to verify stories and data before posting it, there will sometimes be errors. If you find one, please leave a comment right away, so we can fix it.

The information on licensure comes from the "find a licensee" feature on the websites for Oregon's boards of nursing, naturopathy, and direct entry midwifery.

Information on final orders is obtained either from online records or public right to know inquiries.

Information on education and experience usually comes from the midwives' promotional material and websites.

Midwife websites were mostly found through Google searches.

Stories come from a combination of personal email communication from one of the participants, blog posts, community/forum posts, news stories, and other websites.

Please leave comments with any errors, omissions, or other comments you have about the site and good luck with your search!